Historic Royal Palaces to use DMR Tier II radio systems from Sepura

Sepura has been chosen to provide DMR Tier II communication systems for five of the palaces cared for by independent charity Historic Royal Palaces (HRP).

The networks, which comprise 500 radios and eight repeaters, have replaced HRP’s legacy analogue system at the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Banqueting House and Hillsborough Castle. It is anticipated that additional radios will be supplied on a hire basis for seasonal events.

The HRP deployment utilises all of the functionality available on Sepura’s radios, including GPS and personal security applications such as Man-Down and Lone Worker. The move to a digital system took advantage of Sepura’s analogue to digital migration procedure, and Sepura has designed the system so it can grow and adapt as HRP’s communications requirements develop.

Commenting on the launch at Kensington Palace, the first location to be deployed last year, security & facilities manager, Steve Sullivan, said: “We have already noticed that audio quality was immediately much improved: voice signals are stronger and digital noise cancelling means that background noise on transmission is noticeably reduced.

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