HTC ‘Reigns’ with new 5G solution

HTC VIVE has announced the launch of a new portable private 5G solution, the Reign Core, at Mobile World Congress 2022.

Designed in collaboration with recently acquired HTC subsidiary, G Reign, and Californian server specialist Supermicro, the Reign Core is complaint with 3GPP and Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) structure using an x86 base server to compose a 5G network system including 5GC and L3 switch.

According to the company, Reign Core is designed to work “seamlessly” with O-RAN architecture to allow organisations to buy ‘off-the-shelf' hardware components and then run tailored software to create their own private 5G solution, scalable to any size.

Reign Core powered several ‘extended reality experiences’ at MWC, including a remote driving demonstration. Using scale-model radio controlled cars, two drivers sat facing away from the track, watching two high-res video feeds of a first-person view and a top-down view beamed over 5G so they could steer the cars through the course. At the same time, the feed was also viewable on VIVE Flow headsets for spectators.

Shen Ye, head of hardware at HTC, said: “5G continues to redefine industries, and open up new potential for how business is done, and how people enjoy themselves.

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