Huawei updates broadband network offering

Huawei has launched several new 5G infrastructure solutions at Mobile World Congress 2022, taking place this week in Barcelona.

Products included third generation TDD M-MIMO, as well as FDD ultra-wideband multi-antenna solutions. The company also introduced new IntelligentRAN architecture at a press conference taking place on the first day of the event.

According to the company, the aforementioned TDD Massive MIMO series doubles the antenna elements of the product's previous iteration - from 192 to 384 - which Huawei claims is an industry first. Products in the range include its next generation MetaAAU and BladeAAU series.

Speaking of the launch, a spokesperson said: “The third-generation MetaAAU uses extremely large antenna array and an adaptive high-resolution turbo beamforming algorithm to achieve breakthroughs in Massive MIMO performance and energy efficiency.

“Compared with traditional 64T, the coverage of this product is improved by three dB, and user experience by 30 per cent. Compared with traditional 32T, the coverage is improved by six dB and user experience by 60 per cent."

The company’s vice president and chief marketing officer, Gan Bin, said: "5G's large-bandwidth and multi-antenna technologies have brought tangible benefits. But we do not stop [there]. Instead, we move ahead and continue to innovate in these two areas.

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