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Hull opts for a smart city 'operating system'

Hull City Council will use Connexin’s CityOS platform to integrate, view, manage and respond to information from a range of council services, sensors and systems, using a single intelligent dashboard.

The platform will allow a centralised approach to information collection, pulling together information that currently resides in separate council computer systems, and the data will be analysed to yield insights that can help improve life for Hull’s residents.

Much of the information brought together by the system will become available, on an open platform, to the public, to aid the creation of new ideas and solutions that can benefit the local economy. In addition, CityOS’s open APIs will allow local and global independent software vendors and city application developers to plug into the management infrastructure and provide public service capabilities.

The system will enable city-wide management of the city’s public assets in real-time and give residents better information on transport, traffic and parking. One of the services which will be integrated into CityOS is a recent deployment of waste management sensors.

Connexin’s Smart City Operating System is built around the Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform which normalises and aggregates data from a range of IoT sensor types into a certified set of urban service domains such as waste, lighting and parking. Cisco Kinetic has been deployed in projects worldwide and brings more than 70 out of the box Cisco certified integrations which Cisco maintains and updates. The Connexin and Cisco partnership gives Hull City Council the ability to manage sensors from multiple vendors in one place.