Industry giant launches IoT suite

Nokia has announced a range of technologies designed to facilitate the development of digital cities. New products include ‘IoT for smart cities,’ ‘Sensing as a service’ and ‘S-MVNO for public safety service.’

The company describes IoT for smart cities as “a fully-integrated, modular and scalable framework, which enables operators and master systems integrators to take advantage of unified smart city management.” It enables cross-application data sharing, analytics and automation, with ‘blueprint’ applications including video surveillance, smart lighting and waste management.

Sensing as a service meanwhile provides environmental data in real time, via the use of existing base station sites and newly-deployed sensors. S-MVNO (secure mobile virtual network operator) for public safety enables operators to leverage commercial LTE networks to offer mission-critical broadband services to public safety agencies.

Asad Rizvi, head of global services business development at Nokia, said: "Cities need to become digital in order to efficiently deliver services to their habitants. Smart infrastructure, which is shared, secure, and scalable, is needed to ensure urban assets and data are efficiently used.

“We can help cities with that. In addition, we can help operators generate new revenue utilizing their existing network by providing solutions for smart city players such as transport and public safety authorities."

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