IoT network to span Great Lakes

Cloud-based software provider Senet has announced plans to work with environmental science firm LimnoTech to deploy a low-power wide-area Internet of Things (LoRaWan IoT) network across the Great Lakes region of North America.

The Great Lakes region is a binational Canadian–American region that incorporates eight US states and the Canadian province of Ontario which form the Great Lakes Basin, bounded by watersheds to the region's north (Hudson Bay), west (Mississippi), and east and south (Ohio, part of the Mississippi watershed). To the east, the rivers of St. Lawrence, Richelieu, Hudson, Mohawk and Susquehanna form an arc of watersheds east to the Atlantic.

The LoRaWan network project is part of the state and federally funded broader roll-out of the Cleveland Water Alliance’s (CWA) Smart Lake Erie (pictured) Watershed initiative. According to Senet, the network will provide opportunities for cities and organisations to accelerate water technology development.

The CWA said the first uses of the network will include transmitting data from specialised buoys that monitor water conditions offshore for the City of Cleveland Water Department near its water intakes. In the longer run, the programme aims to increase the region’s ability to monitor and manage area waterways and provide opportunities for cities, businesses and universities to accelerate water technology development.

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