iPTT’s PoC service trialled by security company during 300 mile journey in Iraq

A security and protection company in the Kurdistan region of Iraq trialled the use of a PTT over Cellular (PoC) system provided by iPTT on 12 August, during a mission in which they safely transported their clients from to Sinjar, located in an area 80 miles West of Mosul, and back again, covering a distance of nearly 300 miles.

Two-way communication is critical when moving West of Mosul to the high security threat area near the Iraqi/Syrian border as terrorist attacks, kidnappings, bomb explosions, riots, and shootings are regular occurrences. The iPPT system was the only means of wireless communication used during the journey.

James Adams, security consultant and risk manager with a security company in the region, said that there were two main reasons why a PMR system could not provide the coverage required by this mission: "Firstly, the distance is more than 140 miles across mountains and deserts. Providing PMR communication would require more than 20 repeaters with power sources. Secondly, PMR repeaters would get sabotaged or stolen making PMR communication unreliable. We need reliability of clear communication when we’re in high risk areas.

“iPTT provided some iPTT Samcom CP-300 handsets and an iPTT dispatcher for testing and Sunday’s trials went very well. Satellite communication is available, but the costs are very high – iPTT’s Push To Talk over Cellular [system] provides excellent coverage throughout the areas we work in, at a fraction of the cost.”

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