Launch paves the way for Estonia Industry 4.0

Telia and Ericsson have launched what they claim is the Baltics’ first enterprise 5G private network at the latter’s supply site in Tallinn, Estonia. The network went live earlier this month.

According to a statement, the launch “represents a significant step towards the region's digital transformation, accelerating business operations and fostering innovation.”

The statement continues: “The implementation of Ericsson private 5G allows for dynamic new product development by enabling agile layout and design of the manufacturing facility. Telia, a leader in 5G advancements in the Baltic states, is proud to be a part of this ground-breaking initiative.

“Through its reliability, predictable latency, security and speed, the 5G private network’s cutting-edge capabilities are enabling a variety of use cases. These include asset condition monitoring and management, computer vision, digital twins, collaborative robotics, as well as new feature capabilities like 5G precise indoor positioning.”

Discussing the roll-out, CTO of Telia Estonia, Andre Visse, said: “In cooperation with Ericsson, we have always been the first to open new generation mobile networks in Estonia, from the very first 1G to the latest 5G generation. We are very happy that we can now jointly contribute to the establishment of the first 5G private networks.

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