Lytx to offer new video services for fleet managers in 1Q18

Lytx Video Services, a combination of cloud-connected event recorder and video cameras and software, is designed to help eliminate fleet and operations blindspots that keep fleets from being their most efficient, productive, and profitable, with a focus on making it easier for users to quickly access the footage they require.

It will be available in the first quarter of 2018, as an integrated service enhancement to Lytx’s DriveCam safety program, which helps organisations pinpoint and extract risk from their fleet.

Data and video from the DriveCam program and Lytx Video Services are accessed via the new Lytx Workspace, a web-based command center, to manage fleet safety and operations functions. The Workspace has an enhanced DriveCam program dashboard with prioritised coaching events and at-a-glance driver ranking.

For Lytx Video Services, users can live-stream video in the Workspace, as well as customise and manage their program settings in the Workspace to streamline what recorded video they choose to watch and/or download.

"No two fleet operations are the same, and that's why we engineered in the ability to customise services to solve a fleet's unique challenges," said Nixon.

Lytx Video Services uses a highly configurable system of tagging – including cloud-based triggers from third-party systems for fleet tracking, critical events and custom configurations – to organise video, allowing the user to simply search and find video clips related to specific tags.

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