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Major Chinese company launches indoor 5G solution

Huawei has launched a new 5G indoor coverage solution in the form of its LampSite X product. The device was announced at the company’s Global Mobile Broadband Forum, which took place earlier in October, in Dubai.

Huawei's Yang Chaobin

Discussing the product use case, a spokesperson for the company said: “Fast-growing 5G is driving the explosive growth of mobile traffic, 80 per cent of which is generated indoors. In high-density indoor scenarios such as shopping malls, airports, railway stations, and stadiums, the traffic density at hotspots is more than 100 times the average traffic density.”

The spokesperson continued: “Such scenarios require upgraded digital indoor capabilities. In addition, while going digital, industries require networks to provide new and stronger capabilities, such as high-precision positioning and ultra-high uplink, to support smart manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics.

“A single LampSite X box supports all bands, all radio access technologies, and all wideband. [It] allows networks to achieve ultra-high performance, ultra-diverse capabilities, and ultra-low energy usage.”

According to the company, the product is designed to address several key challenges when it comes to the deployment of 5G indoors. These include the “integration and coordination” of spectrum, as well as the management of energy costs. It combines “mmWave and sub-6 GHz to achieve a peak throughput of over 10 Gbps.”

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