Mitsubishi makes 50W silicon RF MOSFET for two-way radios

Japanese electronics giant Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new 50W silicon radio-frequency (RF) high-power metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) module for use in high-frequency power amplifiers of commercial two-way radios.

The model, which Mitsubishi claimed will offer an “industry-leading” 50W power output in the 763MHz to 870MHz band will “support an expanded radio communications range and reduce power consumption”.

The new silicon RF high-power MOSFET - RA50H7687M1 - has been specifically designed for use with two-way radios compatible with the 700MHz band. The 150MHz and 400MHz frequency bands used for various wireless systems have recently become congested so in many countries the 700MHz band, formerly used for analog TV broadcasting, has been reallocated for commercial two-way radio.

Conventional power amplifiers experience large power loss in this range so Mitsubishi said it had designed the new RF high-power MOSFET modules to offer “built-in input/output impedance-matching circuit and guaranteed output-power performance”.

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