MobileIron and Zimperium to provide real-time cyberthreat detection and remediation

MobileIron, a security provider for multi-cloud enterprise, and Zimperium, an enterprise mobile threat defence (MTD) company have announced that MobileIron will integrate Zimperium’s machine learning-based threat detection with MobileIron’s security and compliance engine and sell the combined solution.

This integration will address what the two companies claim is one of the most significant mobile security gaps faced by enterprises: the ability to detect device, network, and application threats and immediately take automated actions to protect enterprise data.

Despite the rise of high-profile mobile attacks such as Broadpwn and BlueBorne, MobileIron’s Mobile Security and Risk Review found that less than five per cent of enterprises around the world have implemented anti-malware solutions. However, enterprise interest is growing.

“Mobile attacks are growing at a rate of more than 100 per cent over the last two years and we’ve seen a corresponding rise in IT department interest in mobile security and mobile threat defence in particular,” said Nicholas McQuire, vice president enterprise research at CCS Insight.

According to our latest 2017 Workplace Technology Survey fielded in August, more than 35 per cent of IT decision makers now list device security, malware and threat protection as the biggest priorities for investment in enterprise mobility and security in 2017. In our view, the integration of EMM and MTD is crucial in addressing customer needs today and is also an important area of innovation for leading technology suppliers in the future.”

Zimperium delivers zero-day, machine learning and behavioral-based detection on the device itself. The company claims that this eliminates the delay of pure cloud lookup solutions and ensures devices are protected whether they are connected to a network or not, and even during a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack. With the new integration, once Zimperium’s engine detects a threat, MobileIron can take an immediate and automated remediation action—without having to rely on a cloud query.

“User experience and security must work hand-in-hand in enterprise mobility,” said Barry Mainz, President and CEO, MobileIron. “With this integration, both employees and IT can feel confident they are protected against mobile threats without employees being required to take a single action.”

“With this partnership, customers get two best-of-breed products in an integrated experience: Zimperium for detection and MobileIron for remediation,” said Shridhar Mittal, CEO, Zimperium. “Zimperium's machine learning engine has detected every major mobile exploit for the past several years even before the exploits being announced. With MobileIron’s advanced remediation capabilities, customers will have the most immediate response to malicious activity, supported by enterprise grade forensics."