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Motorola adds to security portfolio

Motorola Solutions has acquired IPVideo, the New York-based developer of HALO Smart Sensor. The company describes the solution as “an all-in-one intelligent sensor that detects real-time health and safety threats.”

Elaborating, a spokesperson for the Motorola said: “The HALO Smart Sensor is a multifunctional safety and security device. [It has] built-in vape detection and air quality monitoring, gunshot detection, abnormal noise and motion detection, and emergency keyword detection.

“In areas where cameras and video security solutions are not suitable, such as restrooms, classrooms, hospital rooms and hotel rooms, the HALO Smart Sensor can improve situational awareness and extend the perimeter of security while protecting privacy.” 

Motorola executive vice president and chief technology officer, Mahesh Saptharishi, said: “HALO extends our end-to-end physical security offering by integrating a non-video threat detection product into our safety and security ecosystem.

“We see this as an opportunity to introduce additional detection solutions that help our customers protect people, property and places.”

David Antar, president of IPVideo, said: “Together, we will continue investing in and building upon Motorola Solutions’ leading safety and security ecosystem, equipping customers with advanced ways to protect their people and enhance their operational insights.”

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