Motorola Solutions has acquired Cyfas Systems’ mobile assets communications system (MACS) for use in emergency services control rooms.

MACS is a unified platform, designed to be part of the ‘new generation’ of control rooms necessitated by the adoption of the LTE-enabled technology by the public safety sector.

According to Motorola, the system provides enhanced ICCS functionality, allowing users to move to a ‘flexible, software based and secure cloud solution’.

Motorola’s vice president of smart public safety solutions Tom Guthrie said: “The acquisition will bring a new cloud-based solution option to the market, extending the company’s next generation control room footprint.

“Cloud architecture is the key enabler for control rooms undergoing a digital transformation. In addition to removing the need to manage and maintain on-site IT infrastructure, it also improves agility.”

The move from TETRA-based technology to that of LTE is exemplified by the Emergency Services Network, which is expected to be operational across the UK by the end of the decade.

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