New Open RAN Radio software centre for UK

US network software provider Mavenir has opened a new development centre for Open RAN Radio software in Swindon.

The centre in Swindon will be dedicated to software and system design for Open RAN radio units, with the company claiming it will help “broaden the future development of Open RAN-based systems”.

RAN (Radio Access Network) is one of the two domains which make up wireless networks, alongside the core. The RAN is the final link between the network and the user device and includes antennae and base stations.

Open RAN (O-RAN) solutions are software-defined, enabling mobile network operators to use equipment from multiple vendors.

Mavenir has said that a key project undertaken at the new Swindon centre will be the development of open-source software for the O-RAN 7.2 compatible Remote Radio Unit (RRU).

Mikael Rylander, senior vice president at Mavenir, said: "We are providing tools and open-source software to the RRU community in order to let them focus on their unique strengths and intellectual property rights in the digital and analog performance parts of the radio. We aim to simplify interoperability across all O-RAN interfaces, including orchestration and maintenance capabilities."

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