New social care app saves time and paper

KareInn, a social care app, is allowing carers to digitally view a patient’s medical records in real time.

According to the company, records are provided by care homes themselves. The solution uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud technology with client data “securely segregated.”

Speaking of what they believe to be the urgent need for the product, a spokesperson for the KareInn said: “For decades, the healthcare industry has recognised that their current system of paper-based patient records is not sustainable. Yet currently, the majority of care homes still use antiquated, paper-based, records to hold medical and care information on patients.

“Alongside [saving paper], carers using KareInn save on average one hour per shift which they previously spent record keeping. Given the increasing pressures on the nine million carers in the UK, being able to spend more time providing care, rather than doing administration, is invaluable.”

KareInn founder Alex Kenney said: “When we looked under the bonnet of the traditional care industry, we could see the opportunity digital [technology] presented in terms of having a real impact in supporting caregivers and enabling them to do the best possible job. This reminds them why they got into care in the first place.”

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