Nokia deploys Europe’s first AI railway safety solution

Nokia has teamed up with Schweizer Electronics to deploy what the duo claim is the first artificial intelligence (AI) railroad crossing safety solution in Europe.

The AI-based Nokia Scene Analytics solution being deployed by Swiss public transport operator Baselland Transport (BLT) in Münchenstein aims to improve the safety of railroad crossings with real-time monitoring using machine learning algorithms.

Latest statistics from the European Union showed there are 250 fatalities and 300 serious injuries related to level crossings in the EU annually. BLT said it would use Scene Analytics’ machine learning algorithms based on CCTV data to continually learn what is ‘normal or anomalous’ to improve railway security in real-time by removing crossing obstructions.

Michael Theiler, head of maintenance electrical systems at BLT, said: “Level crossings are notoriously difficult areas to ensure the safety of passengers, pedestrians, train operators and motorists. This deployment, in collaboration with Nokia represents an encouraging step towards using analytics as another layer of protection in dangerous areas. Nokia Scene Analytics acts as an intelligent set of ‘eyes’ and, by providing critical information in real-time, to prevent or mitigate the impact of an incident”.

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