Nokia launches eSIM and iSIM platform

Nokia has launched a new embedded SIM (eSIM) and integrated SIM (iSIM) platform to help businesses deliver new 5G mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) services.

The Finnish telecoms giant claims that iSIM Secure Connect will also support securely managed machine-to-machine (M2M) and consumer device subscriptions for eSIM- and iSIM-enabled devices. In contrast to physical SIM cards, eSIM and iSIM - technologies used for authenticating users and devices on mobile networks - can store and manage multiple subscription profiles remotely.

The market for eSIM and iSIM capable devices including smartphones and cellular IoT devices is projected to exceed £5bn by 2050 according to analysts Analysys Mason.

The iSIM Secure Connect promises to support “flexibly managed device subscriptions” by linking to trusted digital IDs for public and private e-services.

Hamdy Farid, head of business applications, cloud and network services at Nokia, said: “As part of Nokia’s Cloud and Network Services product portfolio, iSIM Secure Connect will help our customers both streamline the process of managing millions more device subscriptions and deliver more innovative services quickly and securely.”

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