Ofcom chairman Dame Patricia Hodgson's term extended to 2018

The Government has today (18 July) extended Ofcom chairman Dame Patricia Hodgson’s term for a further year to 2018.

Hodgson was appointed Chairman of Ofcom for three years from April 2014, but the one-year extension will ensure that she remains as chairman to oversee the conclusions of Ofcom’s Strategic Review of Digital Communications. The aim of the review is to make sure digital communications markets continue to work for consumers and businesses.

She will also oversee the integration of Ofcom’s new regulatory duties for the BBC, with the regulator set to take on broader regulation of the BBC next year.

Hodgson was appointed in July 2015 as Member of the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information. She replaced previous Ofcom chairman Colette Bowe when Bowe stepped down at the end of March 2014 after serving her full term.

Appointed as a member of the Ofcom Board in July 2011, Hodgson became deputy chairman in January 2012, and is also chairman of Ofcom’s Nominations Committee and a member of Ofcom’s Remuneration Committee and Risk and Audit Committee.

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