Ofcom proposes changes for 10 GHz, 28 GHz & 32 GHz spectrum

Regulator Ofcom has proposed a new set of annual fees for licences in the 10 GHz, 28 GHz and 32 GHz spectrum bands to support the growth of point-to-point fixed wireless services

The new proposed annual licence fees will apply from February 2023 building on the 42 lots of 28GHz spectrum released in 2000. The regulator said its goal was to “align regional annual licence fees so that a single fee applies for all 28 GHz spectrum”.

In 2008, Ofcom auctioned the unallocated 2 x 112 MHz regional packages as three sub-national lots, plus two contiguous national lots of 2 x 112 MHz. The two national lots were won and are still held by Arqiva while the sub-national 17 licence is now held by Vodafone and the sub-national 28 and 39 licences are held by UK Broadband. Additionally, six locations from the sub-national 2 and subnational 3 licences were subsequently traded from UKB to Arqiva.

The 10 GHz spectrum was auctioned in 10 national lots in 2008 with eight lots allocated to T Mobile and this spectrum is now held by Mobile Broadband Network. Alongside this, two lots were allocated to Digiweb and this spectrum is now held by the Joint Radio Company.

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