Police Scotland widens rollout of digital policing application

Police Scotland has expanded its rollout of Pronto, Motorola Solutions’ digital policing application suite, to include officers in Glasgow.

Police officers will be able to use Pronto to directly fill in reports on their mobile devices for incidents such as crimes, road collisions and traffic tickets. This will replace traditional paper notebooks.

Using Pronto, officers can also directly access local and national police databases such as the Police Command and Control system, the Scottish Criminal History System and the Police National Computer, ensuring they always have access to the most up to date information.

It is hoped this ability to complete tasks in the field will increase officer visibility and accessibility to the public. In addition, the force expects to see significant time savings as officers will not need to move back and forth between the front line and the station to complete administrative tasks.

“The key for us when deploying any new technology is how it can positively impact the work our officers do in their local community,” said Stevie Dolan, superintendent at Police Scotland. “By rolling out Pronto to our officers in Glasgow, we are significantly reducing the amount of time they will have to spend completing administrative tasks. Pronto allows our officers to access the information they need, at the touch of a button, even when they are away from a police station.”

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