Primary school to use Mototrbo radios for safeguarding

Kingsley Community School, a primary school in Liverpool, has purchased 36 DP1400 Mototrbo two-way radios from SFL Mobile Radio to put its new safeguarding and emergency plans into place

The radios will be used across the school to co-ordinate staff and pupils during its emergency fire process and as part of its new lockdown procedure.

School administration officer Lyndsey Kurs has been responsible for updating the school’s safeguarding plan and putting the necessary resources into place. “Hopefully we won’t ever need to implement it,” she said. “But in the event of an emergency, our lockdown procedure will be actioned and shutters will come down on individual classrooms.”

The radios will allow staff to communicate with each other in such a situation. Each radio has been programmed with an emergency alarm – pressing the alarm on one radio will activate the alarm on all the others.

The radios will also be used to manage the school’s emergency fire procedure. There are two fire assembly points, located on different sides of the school, one on the field and one in the car park. Site manager Don Forde said that the radios will allow staff to talk and co-ordinate the movement of the children.

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