Qualcomm digitally reimagines Parisian masterpiece

US telecoms giant Qualcomm has unveiled a digital reimagining of Eugène Delacroix’s 1830 French masterpiece ‘Liberty Leading the People’ at the Louvre gallery in Paris, France.

According to Qualcomm, the artwork was created by Élina Kechicheva to remind viewers of the role that technology plays with “revolutionary devices that businesses and consumers are utilising now, and will utilise in future from smartphones, laptops, cars and extended reality” to transform the globe.

The original Delacroix masterpiece commemorates the July Revolution of 1830 that led to the overthrow of King Charles X of France. In Kechicheva’s adaptation which spans the façade of the Louvre, the perspective of the painting has been digitally reversed and repainted in full to “provide the viewer with the unique vantage point of being one of the leaders of the revolution”.

Commenting on the painting, Kechicheva said: “Reimagining such an iconic artwork was a serious challenge, and something I did not take lightly. I hope people can connect with this artwork and engage with it either in person or online, and that it speaks to them in a new way by offering a fresh perspective.”

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