Research: ninety per cent of organisations have no cyber-incident management plan

New findings have revealed a range of attitudes amongst UK senior management when it comes to cyber security.

The analysis, which was released this week by commercial property agency Savoy Stewart, suggest that interest in the subject ebbs and flows according to the nature of the organisation.

For instance, 60 per cent of senior management in finance and insurance consider cyber security to be a ‘very high priority,’ followed by half of those in education, health or social care. Only 15 per cent surveyed in the hospitality and food sectors viewed cyber security in this way.

The figures also indicate that only one in ten businesses have an incident management plan in the event of a cyber-security breach.

Speaking of the findings, senior IT consultant Matthew Yates said: “A cyber-attack can be detrimental towards any company’s reputation and finances. Key decision makers need to put an emphasis on cyber security by placing it at the top of their agenda.

“In doing so, they can effectively improve their protection against potential threats. More importantly, they can also establish a company-wide precedent regarding cyber-vigilance.”

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