Saxony-Anhalt police roll-out BWV

Motorola Solutions is supplying body worn video to police officers in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt. The contract was signed with the state’s Ministry of the Interior.

According to the company, solutions being supplied include its VB400 body-worn camera, as well as VideoManager evidence management software.

The roll out will begin with the City of Stendal Police Inspectorate, alongside the police academy in Aschersleben. Ultimately, “nearly all” frontline teams will receive the equipment.

Describing functionality, a Motorola spokesperson said: “The cameras offer a pre-recording capability to help ensure incidents are captured from the start. They are equipped with an extended battery life that lasts beyond a shift with up to 12 hours of recording.

“The new body-worn cameras can be integrated with a broad range of sensors, such as Holster Aware which automatically activates video recording, and live-streams footage if an officer draws a weapon.”

Corporate vice president of Motorola, Michael Kaae, said: “The use of body-worn cameras by Aschersleben police academy cadets highlights how video technology is now a foundational element of police training, as well as a proven tool to improve frontline safety.

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