Scottish National Park installs IoT monitoring

Internet of Things (IoT) services provider North has announced plans to install a range of gateways and sensor devices to “enhance the visitor experience” at the UK’s largest National Park situated in the the Scottish highlands.

The use of IoT sensors at Cairngorms National Park will allow the National Park Authority to use smart technologies to monitor footfall, route usage and parking via North’s IoT Scotland network framework.

The £6m network was set-up by the Scottish Government, Scottish Enterprise, Highlands & Islands Enterprise and North to create an infrastructure for companies and organisations to tap into smart sensor applications.

North said the network will also be available to local businesses to deploy data gathering sensors providing them with what it claims will be “the opportunity to gain key data findings and insights”.

The network uses LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology to enable applications and services to collect data from devices and send it without the need for cellular, Wi-Fi or human involvement to “merge the physical and digital worlds”.

Proposed footfall and car park sensors will be installed around the Aviemore and Cairngorm region and will connect with the IoT Scotland network through gateways set up at Glenmore Lodge, Ciste, Day Lodge and two buildings in Aviemore.

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