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Semtech launches LoRa Cloud Geolocation service

Semtech Corporation has launched its new LoRa Cloud Geolocation service, which is compatible with the LoRaWAN protocol. The company claims that the service can be easily integrated to provide a low-cost and performance-optimised geolocation solution.

It is the first of a number of cloud services products that Semtech will offer to support IoT application development. Over the past year, the company trialled a free cloud-based geolocation service with hundreds of users. The LoRa Cloud geolocation service was in beta test this year with a limited number of partners. It has been designed to support flexibility in deployment options. Semtech is currently bringing early customers onboard, with general availability through a new LoRa Cloud services portal expected this summer.

Semtech will also be launching a new flexible modem-based hardware platform along with a Cloud-based device provisioning and management service, to simplify the full life cycle management of LoRa-based devices and accelerate both the development and deployment of secure fully-managed IoT solutions.

The company is also in the process of introducing basic code building blocks for developers. The first of these, LoRa Basics Station (LoRaWAN gateway firmware), was announced and simultaneously released on GitHub in January 2019. Further areas of focus will cover device firmware, firmware updates over the air (FUOTA) and network performance analytics. To improve access to these tools, Semtech will turn LoRa Community into an open developer ecosystem portal. This will host a suite of developer training, technical resources and community tools.

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