Sesame Solar creates ‘first-ever’ renewable nanogrids

Climate resilience solutions specialist Sesame Solar has developed what it claims are the world’s first 100% renewable mobile nanogrids to meet “emergency response needs”.

Sesame claims the nanogrids, which electronically unfold a retractable solar array, can generate power within 15 minutes. Using solar and green hydrogen, the nanogrids generate clean, off-grid power and come prefabricated which Sesame said will support quick deployments for emergency response scenarios like flooding.

Sesame Solar said its new nanogrids are the first renewable and modular solution that, unlike predecessors, does not depend on diesel gas. The grids have already been deployed by the US Air Force and major telecom companies like Comcast, who deployed the grids to support communication recovery after Hurricane Ida.

Lauren Flanagan, CEO of Sesame Solar, said: “Our nanogrids are changing the trajectory of the effects of climate change while providing communities in distress with the power they need to access critical resources.

“While we can’t stop hurricanes or wildfires from happening, we can create solutions that help communities recover efficiently without causing further damage to the environment.”

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