Shipping giant rolls-out remote maintenance tech

Shipping company NSB Group has deployed digital remote access technology supplied by Telemar.

NSB (which stands for Niederelbe Schiffahrtsgesellschaft) has rolled out the tech with the aim of supporting its maintenance and compliance programme. The contract will last for two years.

Discussing the relationship, a spokesperson said: “Telemar’s co-ordination team and technicians will provide shore-based maintenance including remote service co-ordination for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

“The contract covers specific [areas] including annual radio survey, bi-annual magnetic compass calibration, annual VDR [voyage data recorder] performance test, and the certificate of compliance."

The spokesperson continued: “Telemar will provide a coordinated global service by providing World Service 4.0, a web-based tool for managing service due dates across the NSB fleet. This will increase visibility on service intervals and optimise vessel availability.

“Using a planned maintenance strategy will give NSB the ability to create better predictability in its vessel operations. The equipment included in the contract supports both navigational safety and efficient shipping.”

NSB Group chief operating officer, Selvam Panneer, said: “The goal of NSB GROUP is to ensure the best ship management experience for our customers at a worldwide scale, constantly improving our services to the evolving needs of our clients. Maintaining our required level of vessel availability means knowing that our assets are in optimum condition and in full compliance.”

NSB currently has around 50 vessels under management, employing 1,700 people at sea.

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