Simoco Group launches Pulse portfolio for SCADA

Simoco Group has launched its Pulse portfolio of products designed for organisations such as utilities and public service operators to manage and control smart grids and networks across large operational areas.

According to the mobile radio manufacturer, Pulse allows SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) telemetry applications to be “quickly and cost effectively” deployed over DMR Tier III trunked networks. This is to deliver reliable communications at a time when wide-reaching low rate data is becoming an increasingly important part of the mission critical-mix. The system uses a fully integrated IP network to connect information sent from data modems or RTUs (Remote Telemetry Units) to SCADA masters and is designed to be effective in remote areas where cellular coverage is intermittent and installing wired networks has significant cost implications.

A further feature of using DMR to transmit telemetry data is its ability to carry voice communications over the same infrastructure. Simoco state that Pulse can be quickly and cost effectively scaled to include a full mission critical solution capable of meeting the needs of the smart grid age. The first model to be launched is the Simoco Pulse AIR data modem and will be followed by the Pulse AIR Pro data modem and Pulse ELITE Integrated RTU in the coming months.

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