Siyata Mobile wins landmark customer

Siyata Mobile has received its first purchase order from the hospitality industry for its mobile PTT over cellular-enabled UR7 rugged ‘clamshell’ smartphone.

The product is Qualcomm-based with an IP67 rating and a dedicated PTT button. According to the company, professionals for whom it would be suited include “department heads, first responders, front desk, luggage handlers, room cleaning crews, security guards, and management.”

Speaking of the device, Marc Seelenfreund, CEO and chairman of Siyata Mobile, said: “The mobile worker vertical represents a total addressable market many times the size of the commercial fleet and vehicle market.

“We have a very unique offering that is a highly attractive for upgrading antiquated two-way radio systems. With three PoC carriers now offering this device, we see the UR7 adding a significant amount of revenue with strong margins in addition to our pipeline of 4G in-vehicle device sales.”

According to CCS Insight figures quoted by Siyata, the market for rugged handsets is expected to reach 59 million by 2021.

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