TCCA: QPP in question in some European countries

TCCA has published a white paper raising concerns around mission critical user access to commercial broadband networks.

TCCA's Nina Myren

The document focusses on the legal aspect of mission critical broadband rollouts, in particular how European regulations on net neutrality may affect “public safety operators that utilise radio coverage from commercial MNOs.”

The white paper highlights in particular an apparent disparity between nation states in the adoption of rules ensuring quality of service, priority and pre-emption (QPP) on mission critical networks. Discussing this in more detail, a spokesperson for the organisation said: “While some EU/EEA countries have already adopted national rules to enable the use of QPP services under an exemption, under the TSM regulation, others are only at the starting point of assessing the legal possibilities.

“There are indications that different countries may interpret the TSM regulation on net neutrality differently. In some countries, the possibility to prioritise PPDR by national law has not yet been considered. This could lead to an equal treatment of PPDR and other end users, even in emergency situations.”

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