TES Communications takes on Total UK Bitumen’s ‘chemical challenge’

Chemicals manufacturing specialist Total UK Bitumin has deployed a new two-way radio package from TES Communications featuring atmosphere explosive (ATEX) radio solutions.

TES designed a two-way call box which could allow for loading and unloading instructions to take place at a fixed location to eliminate the use of hand-held radios, which Total UK Bitumin said were regularly being “damaged beyond repair”.

The company, which produces road and construction bitumen from the TotalEnergies UK headquarters, has ordered six weather-proof callboxes across its site in Preston. The weatherproof callbox allows supervisors to liaise with multiple cabs at any one time from the Central Control Room (CCR) to the fixed boxes at loading points which can operate safely within an ATEX environment.

Total UK Bitumen said they had chosen to change suppliers to help reduce the wastage from its hand-held two-way radios being damaged or lost while being used to load and unload vehicles. Employees unload vehicles “up to 15 times per day at three separate loading points during peak activity” according to the company.

Rob Slater, production manager at Total UK Bitumen, said: “The hand-held radios we relied on for loading were problematic as any lost or damaged devices needed to be replaced almost instantly so they didn’t impact on loading. We didn’t have the time or expertise to solve the problems ourselves so we relied on our radio suppliers to provide us with the best solutions.

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