Türk Telekom makes 5G world first

State-owned Turkish telecommunications company Türk Telekom has said claimed to be the first operator in the world to use specialised GPS/GNSS independent technology that provides the critical time and frequency synchronisation solution in its network for 5G.

The technology has been developed by Türk Telekom engineers alongside Net Insight and according to the duo can significantly reduce synchronisation investment costs and increase service continuity in 5G.

Engineers reported that the time deviation value for 5G is 1500 nanoseconds and was measured 5-45 nanoseconds in two different regions of Türkiye, according to the first data obtained from Türk Telekom’s live network. These values revealed that sensitive time and synchronisation information can be carried throughout the country with minimum deviation regardless of network equipment.

Türk Telekom chief technology officer Yusuf Kıraç said: “We became the first operator to implement the next generation synchronisation solution, developed together with Net Insight leveraging patents of Turkish engineers, which is critical for 5G and beyond technologies, on the live network. We see significant potential in the global market for this innovative solution that will reduce costs and increase service continuity for mobile operators and all industries with critical time synchronisation requirements.

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