Two-way satellite messaging to hit with a Bullit

UK-based rugged phone manufacturer Bullitt Satellite Connect has pledged to launch what it claims will be the first two-way satellite messaging service offering "universal outdoor coverage" later this quarter. 

Using proprietary software and service components, Bullitt claimed it will be able to provide text messaging services via an app, Bullitt Satellite Messenge which will be available "wherever [users] have a clear view of the sky". According to the company, messages will be relayed via satellite, allowing customers assurance that they will never be without signal so long as they are outside.

The first smartphone to support this new messaging service will be the next device in Motorola’s Defy range based on a strategic alliance established with Bullitt in January 2021.

The service will first attempt to connect to Wi-Fi or a cellular network, but when these are unavailable it will connect via satellite. In addition to messaging, the service will also offer more typical satellite services, such as location tracking and SOS assistance.

These capabilities have reportedly been developed over the past two years by Bullit in collaboration with partners including chip giant MediaTek, satellite partner Skylo and critical event response specialist FocusPoint International.

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