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UK Sigfox network operator to provide 95% UK population coverage by 2019

WND-UK, the UK’s primary Sigfox network operator has committed to covering 95 per cent of the UK by population by 2019

Harnessing ultra-narrow band technology, Sigfox provides basic connectivity to devices that do not require high throughput and enables the use of low cost devices.

“In a world of IoT, tomorrow’s smart devices will need to be wirelessly multilingual,” said Neal Forse, chief executive, WND-UK. “In other words, they will need to be able to communicate across different kinds of networks and choose the most appropriate technology for specific tasks so that performance and battery life are optimised.

“Sub-gigahertz networks, such as Sigfox, require far less power and provide much longer battery life for the many devices that only require intermittent internet connectivity and the transmission of small amounts of data.”

Since the launch of its UK operation in March 2017, WND-UK has installed over 50 base stations, already providing coverage to 34 per cent of the UK’s population – these are rapidly changing figures as the company is in the process of adding more sites.

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