Walkies4Events streamlines its radio hire processes and cuts stock losses with MCS

Walkies4Events (W4E), a Belgian-based two-way radio hire company, has selected MCS’s hire software to address problems with lost equipment and complex pricing structures.

Since its use of the software, which makes use of QR codes on the equipment that W4E hires out, the company has been able to accurately account for missing rental items and know who is responsible for them. The two companies initially worked together to ensure that MCS’s solution would match W4E’s requirements and MCS consolidated W4E’s multiple systems into one central software solution, removing the need to perform the same process multiple times on different systems, saving a great deal of time in the process.

While the cost per unit of small parts like earpieces that can get easily lost in transit is small, losses of these in large quantities had previously affected W4E’s profits.

Alexandra van Osselaer, administrative assistant/project manager at W4E, said: “With the use of QR codes, we are able to tell our customers more information about their item. The MCS software has been great in terms of keeping track of who is responsible for each walkie-talkie. With up to 100 radios being lost each year and [more than] 200 earpieces that get lost annually, we can see exactly which items are missing and who is responsible for them.”

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