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WiFi access points for 'ultra high density' environments

Ruckus Networks has launched the R730, which it claims is the world's first IoT and LTE-ready 802.11ax access point, designed for stadiums, public venues, train stations and schools.

According to the company, the R730 is designed to work in concert with its other new product, an 'ultra-high density technology suite' to deliver "high-resolution, latency-sensitive video in ultra-high density user environments." It is compliant with the new WPA3 security protocol as well as WiFi Enhanced Open.

A spokesperson for Ruckus said: "Worldwide data and video traffic is growing at double-digit rates, driven by an increase in connected devices. ABI Research predicts that WiFi device shipments will grow to nearly 35 billion by 2022. Data and video traffic will also surge due to increased per-device data consumption driven by applications like 4K video streaming, virtual and augmented reality and live-stream gaming."

Ruckus Networks president Ian Whiting said: "Ruckus customers and partners demand more when it comes to their networks. We have a long history of delivering products and technologies that go beyond the current state of the art to meet the world’s most demanding network requirements while driving down the cost-per-connection. Ruckus R730 and Ruckus Ultra-High Density Technology Suite are the latest examples.”

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