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New DAS supports multiple verticals

Advanced RF Technologies has announced that its ADXV distributed antenna system now provides “converged wireless network solutions,” supporting both commercial and public safety bands in a single enclosure. 

Discussing the product, a spokesperson for the company said: “The ADXV series modular, carrier-grade DAS meets wireless coverage and capacity needs from the simplest to the most complex venues, and transports frequencies from VHF to C-band.

“Traditionally, building owners must deploy commercial and public systems separately, which incurs additional equipment, labor, cabling, conduit, and component costs. With the addition of the NEMA 4/IP66 chassis, ADXV's flexible architecture allows for public safety and commercial cellular networks in the same head end. It meets NFPA 1225 standards, including UL 2524, second edition.

“For regions where [authorities] still require separate head ends for public safety and cellular coverage, the ADXV head ends can be daisy-chained to manage the entire system from a single interface.”

Director of engineering at ADRF, Sun Kim, said: “Wireless is becoming as important as any utility for businesses, but for small to mid-sized businesses and venues, [it] can be cost prohibitive. The shared resources of a converged wireless solution make it much more affordable for building owners to provide connectivity for consumers and first responders, with significant space savings plus a streamlined design and installation for system integrators.”  

Joe Ioco - director of services at Communications International -, said: “As the demand for converged solutions continues to rise, businesses increasingly recognise the significant cost and time savings associated with integrating commercial DAS alongside mandatory public safety deployments. At Communications International, we've observed this trend firsthand and are excited to collaborate with ADRF to meet these evolving needs in jurisdictions that permit such integrated solutions."