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Andrew Gill: leading by serving

Andrew Gill became managing director of Tait's EMEA business in February. Sam Fenwick finds out how he's settling into the role and his priorities for the years to come

Andrew Gill has worked for Motorola for almost exactly 20 years, starting his time there in the "boom years of rolling ...

How to buy small cells

The commercial need for in-building cellular coverage is driving businesses to invest in small cells. But with an industry in flux is now the right time to do so? Sam Fenwick investigates

The quest for cellular signal can often be a frustrating one, especially in big cities. The new ...

That'll teach them

Philip Mason learns how innovative use of communications solutions is helping educational establishments secure staff and student safety

The public education sector in the United Kingdom is under huge financial pressures, linked – as with the NHS, emergency services and so on – to ...

Talking shop: wireless for retail

The hard-fought battle to keep the nation shopping on the high street and not from the sofa is ongoing. Sam Fenwick explores the technology retailers can use to gain the advantage

Our nation’s high streets are suffering. You’d be hard-pressed to find one anywhere without a couple of ...

Satellite-based connectivity: a threat to MNOs?

Low orbiting high-throughput satellites might help make connectivity available to everyone, but do they also pose a threat to MNOs’ dominance? James Hayes studies the heavens

Before the end of this decade newly-launched fleets of ‘routers in space’ circling the globe in low earth orbit ...

60 seconds with John Dundas

John Dundas, director at Dundastech, talks about his career in the two-way radio sector, with a focus on providing major sporting events with wireless communications

How do you spend most of your time at work?This all depends on the project. With something like the Olympics it’s near ...

60 seconds with Syndico's Andy Wilson

Syndico's managing director, Andy Wilson, talks to us about his career in the two-way radio industry

How do you spend most of your time at work?I never really have the same day twice! I have an incredible administration team, which frees me up to spend time with customers, suppliers and ...

60 seconds with RadioTrade's Jack Wieczorek

Jack Wieczorek, radio systems engineer at RadioTrade, talks to Land Mobile about his career in the two-way radio industry

How do you spend most of your time at work?We design entire systems, create and test networks and vigorously bench test new products. I also prepare radio codeplugs ...

60 seconds with Chatterbox's Vasco Gouveia

Vasco Gouveia, radio technician at Chatterbox, discusses his career in the two-way radio industry

What’s the most popular type of radio system you’re asked to design?A CALM+ system using a Hytera XPT 4x UHF carrier infrastructure. What’s the one gadget that you can’t live without? My ...

Multi-beam antennas: Delivering the capacity hot spots demand

Peter Jackson, chief marketing officer at Communication Components Inc (CCI), discusses the benefits multi-beam antennas can bring to mobile network operators seeking to increase capacity and quality of service.

In an age of smart phones, wireless data usage has truly exploded. For ...

Welsh Slate: quarrying in safety thanks to two-way radio

A rented radio system helps to ensure safe and productive operation of a quarry in North Wales. Richard Lambley investigates

A sharp left turn off the main road, an awkward zigzag as we pass under a railway bridge, and we’re on a narrow lane bordered by dry stone walls, heading steadily ...

Improving security with wireless technology

Philip Mason examines how the security industry is using cutting-edge wireless technology to protect life and property in a world of constantly evolving threats

The security sector has been the beneficiary of technological advances While still very much in its infancy, the Internet of ...

How to ensure you buy legally compliant radio equipment

The march of progress has made buying and using two-way radios easier. However, as Piers Bedford and Sam Fenwick discover, there’s still much that buyers need to know to ensure they are purchasing safe and legally compliant equipment

We are all used to picking up our mobile phones and ...

How to buy rugged smartphones

Choosing the right smartphone is fairly straightforward, but what do you need to know about purchasing their rugged counterparts? Simon Creasey has all the answers

Rugged smartphone users are a demanding bunch. First there are their ‘must-have’ requirements – phones must be waterproof, ...

60 seconds with SFL's Tony Lowry

Tony Lowry, workshop manager at SFL Mobile Radio, discusses his time in the two-way radio industry

What’s the most popular type of radio system you’re asked to design?We supply the majority of our radios to the building industry, which requires multi-channel capacity plus separate ...

IoT: Making farming more efficient

The pressure is on farmers to produce more food, quicker. But when it comes to adopting smart farming technology what is the best approach? Mark Venables investigates

According to the UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO) by 2050 the world’s population will exceed nine billion, ...

Wi-Fi networks for hotels

Hotels are embracing wireless technology, both to provide guests with the 24/7 connectivity they expect, and to enable staff to deal with requests faster and more efficiently

Hotels can be like nations within nations. The largest chains are such that you could be anywhere in the world ...

Two-way radio keeps London City Tour running

London City Tour needs reliable radio communications to ensure the safety of its drivers and passengers. Sam Fenwick visited its Heathrow depot to find out more

You can’t go far in central London without seeing one of the ubiquitous red London City Tour buses. These open-top vehicles ...

Olaf Swantee: Leader of the 4G revolution

Olaf Swantee, former CEO of EE, recently co-authored a book on EE’s creation and the launch of its 4G network. Land Mobile hears his advice on managing mergers, getting people on board, and what the future could hold for the firm

It’s not every day you get to talk to someone who presided ...

Radio dealerships: threats and opportunities

Giving the customer what they want even if they don’t yet know it, is part and parcel of being a radio dealership. Sam Fenwick explores how their role has changed and the current threats and opportunities

Dealerships are a key part of the PMR supply chain, providing the link between end ...

Wi-Fi enters the gigabit era

The Wi-Fi Alliance has gone from strength to strength. Edgar Figueroa, its president and CEO, talks to Sam Fenwick about Wi-Fi past, present and future

It’s fair to say Wi-Fi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa (pictured above) is a Wi-Fi veteran. After nearly two decades working in wireless ...

Rural Internet: Bridging the fibre gap with wireless

If you’re living or working in an area of the UK with slow – or no – fixed broadband should you wait until the Broadband Delivery UK scheme brings superfast fibre connectivity to you? Vaughan O’Grady investigates

Some 95 per cent of the UK should have superfast broadband coverage by late ...

Your guide to PMR446

While PMR446 devices can be a cost-effective choice for businesses, without the right knowledge they could be more than you bargained for, explains Simon Creasey

Walk down the high street of any UK town and chances are you’ll spot someone using a PMR446 radio. The handsets are ...

Radiopaging: 60 years on

Derek Banner discusses the benefits of modern paging technology, together with the main players in the industry and their products

Invented in 1956 by Multitone, radiopaging was first used at Guy’s and St Thomas’ hospitals in London to alert doctors that needed to attend an emergency ...

Backhaul: mixing wireless and wired

James Hayes explores whether wireless or traditional wired backhaul is the best option for mobile network operators to meet growing data demands

Backhaul is bearing the brunt of the massive surge in mobile traffic. But while mounting pressure on backhaul may seem good news for mobile ...
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