World record kitesurfing attempt to be assisted by Icom UK
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Andy Larder, one of the UK’s leading Pro Kitesurfers, is attempting to smash a world record by being the first person to kite surf from Lands End to John o' Groats – the length of Britain and a total distance of 1,190 miles – with the support of a number of companies from the marine industry including Icom UK.

Icom will be supplying an IC-M73EURO marine hand held VHF to allow him to communicate with his chase boat.

Andy said: "I am attempting to break the Guinness book record for the longest distance ever kite surfing and [the] most miles in 24 hours. To do this I need the right people and companies to support my dream and keep me safe. Thank you Icom UK for your support."

A few years ago Larder had an accident in Turkey while paragliding, leaving him with a five per cent chance of walking again. He is now using the world record attempt as a way to fund raise money for the hospitals and charities that helped him recover and for others who have suffered such accidents.

"It took a while to get back to some kind [of] normal," says Larder on Air Rage kitesurfing team website. "I used to sit in my car and practice my clutch pedal. I couldn’t push it at all in the first week but little by little it got stronger and stronger and I could push it all the way.

"I did my own physiology and research into exercises and sciatica [leg and back pain] was and still is my only gripe on a daily basis ... Six months passed and I [was] prepared to go and fly again ... I managed an hour or so. I was so happy to be back. Since that day, I made a promise that i would give something back to the hospital and a couple of other charities, but I want to do this Lands End to John O Groats [journey] by kite surfing all the way unassisted, but with a tracking car following just in case."

Records to be broken:

Longest journey kite surfing (male). The longest kite surfing journey is 862 km (536 miles or 465 nautical miles) and was achieved by Francisco Lufinha (Portugal) who travelled from Lisbon, Portugal towards Madeira, Portugal, from 5 to 7 July 2015.

Longest distance kite surfing in 24 hours. The longest distance kite surfing in 24 hours is 645.6 km (401.2 miles) and was achieved by Rimas Kinka (Lithuania), off the coast of Islamorada, Florida, USA, on 26 February 2012.

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