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While resellers and distributors have different business models, their success hinges on the extent to which the products they sell can satisfy the needs of the end-users. For this reason, when choosing a manufacturer of two-way radio or wireless communications equipment you should heavily focus on the quality of their products (particularly in terms of reliability and compliance to all relevant regulations such as the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), and the company’s commitment to technical support. With cybersecurity becoming increasingly important and software expected to play a bigger role in this sector, regular updates are key. Similarly, a commitment to innovation is vital, as from a dealer’s perspective, it can create opportunities to engage with existing customers and provide them with additional products and services. From an end-user’s perspective this translates into greater operational efficiency, potentially lower costs and improved health and safety.

Part of software’s allure is the rise of data-based applications, such as job-ticketing – which can speed up operations where many routine tasks need to be completed (such as changing a room’s towels in the hotel sector) and add traceability. While voice is king when it comes to dealing with the unusual and the unexpected, leveraging two-way radio and rugged smartphones’ data capabilities can deliver a huge amount of value to end-users. Canny manufacturers and software developers need to be aware of this trend and be leading the way in this area. Tied to this is growing interest and familiarity with cloud-based solutions, which are a key enabler of mobile working and help reduce the need for dedicated on-premise infrastructure.

One of the issues that is working to drive innovation in the wireless comms sector is the scarcity of business radio spectrum. This, coupled with demand for affordable wide area systems, is driving interest in push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) systems. Many manufacturers are starting to offer handsets and services in this area and it will be an interesting new battle-ground in a market where the big players have traditionally struggled to differentiate themselves at the technical level.

One issue dear to the heart of many a savvy end-user is the problem of vendor lock-in, creating a preference for manufacturers that align themselves with open standards. In the case of DMR, do remember that there are a large number of proprietary manufacturer-created bolt-on features and that their benefits need to be weighed up against the risk of lock-in, although some independent companies have been working hard to create solutions that can knock down the barriers that have traditionally prevented interoperability between different systems.

Hytera Communications is a global provider of professional mobile radio communications solutions and equipment. The privately-held company was established in Shenzhen, China in 1993 and now has more than 8,000 personnel serving customers in 120 countries, including governmental organisations, public security institutions and customers in utilities, transportation, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining, hospitality and construction. In 2017, Hytera acquired Sepura, a UK-based PMR manufacturer, along with its subsidiaries, the Spanish PMR and LTE solutions provider Teltronic and the Finnish applications developer Portalify. Hytera now supplies a wide range of communications solutions for analogue radio and the digital radio standards of PDT, DMR, TETRA, P25 and LTE. View its Who's Who profile here.

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Motorola Solutions connects people through technology. Public safety and commercial customers around the world turn to Motorola Solutions innovations when they want highly connected teams that have the information they need throughout their workdays and in the moments that matter most to them. Ten years ago, Motorola Solutions launched MOTOTRBO - the world’s first DMR two way radios. Since then, it has continued to lead the critical communications industry, introducing new features, new form factors and new applications to help businesses improve their productivity, efficiency and safety. View its Who's Who profile here.

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Sepura is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products, systems and applications developed specifically for business and mission critical communications. Its complete TETRA solutions enable users in the public safety, transport, utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, construction and leisure sectors to face their critical communications challenges. View its Who's Who profile here.

For resellers, choosing the right distributor(s) can make a huge amount of difference. One of the key phrases used in the channel is “added value” – the services that distinguish the much maligned (but rarely encountered) ‘box-shifter’ from their savvier counterparts. Good examples of this include training – as distributors are by definition the first to get their hands on new kit, they should be well positioned to explain its value to you and how it should be installed, and be able to provide you with marketing support. Finding the time and resources to get your message out to your target markets can be a struggle, but a good distributor should be able to support you and help you access marketing aid from manufacturers.

There’s also the essentials to consider: any distributor has to be competitive on price, speed of delivery and order accuracy. With many investing heavily in new e-commerce platforms the experience of ordering should also be hassle-free, convenient and straightforward.

There’s no getting around the fact that most distributors are tied to specific manufacturers.

This coupled with partner programmes, means that when it comes to the bulk of two-way radio handsets and systems, it is important to understand the merits and value-adds of the manufacturers as well as those of their downstream counterparts.

Syndico is a global-leading distributor for PMR products. Based on its contribution to Hytera’s significant UK brand and market growth, it has been recognised with their prestigious “Global Distributor” award. It is now a truly international organisation; the company was recently appointed Hytera’s authorised distributor in France, opening dedicated headquarters in Dijon. Its “SYMPOC” push-to-talk over cellular platform, in partnership with TeloSystems and Push-to-Talk International, has been extremely successful since its launch in June 2017. Combined with Syndico's range of hearing protection and communication solutions from 3M Peltor, as well as Savox Vigilite audio accessories, it offers the most complete product portfolio to two-way radio resellers. View its Who's Who profile here.

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For more than 25 years Airsys has been a global partner of choice in the communications industry. With their listen, solve and deliver approach they have proven that they are more than just a distributor of two-way radio, accessories and network equipment – they are a communications solutions provider committed to growing their partners. View its Who's Who profile here.

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Logic Wireless is a technology and distribution company that provides specialised two-way radio and cellular business critical communication solutions. Its global team with many years of experience in the industry is on hand to help assist and support you in finding the right solution for your clients. View its Who's Who profile here.

As an end-user, when it comes to choosing a two-way radio dealer or reseller (the terms are essentially interchangeable), there’s a great deal to consider. For instance, if the system you’re looking to procure is for business-critical use and you lack the in-house expertise to maintain it, you may need them to be able to reach your premises quickly and at short notice. This in turn means that distance is a factor, though this can be lessened if you only need it for an event (many dealers are happy to provide staff to set-up and run the system on an event organiser’s behalf).

While two-way radios are commonplace, very simple to use and can significantly improve the efficiency of your operations and communications, it is important to remember that their use (with the exception of low-powered PMR446 devices and radio over WiFi), requires an Ofcom-issued Business Radio licence and that the absence of this or the use of a system that is creating harmful interference can result in summary convictions, prison sentences and/or fines. For this reason, it is essential that your dealer can take you through the process and can demonstrate a good track-record when it comes to site installations. It’s worth asking if they can provide case studies of similar systems for clients that operate in the same sector as you and if they abide by the FCS 1331 Code of Practice for Business Radio Site Engineering.

If you’re looking to buy or (long-term) hire a two-way radio system, expect them to perform a site survey to see if there are any dead-spots that require additional infrastructure. A good reseller will work with you to get a sense of your exact requirements and issues and then recommend a system and/or services that meet these. Similarly, be prepared to look beyond price when weighing up multiple quotes/proposals. The cost of downtime (in terms of slowed operations and lost reputation) can easily outweigh initial savings, so it’s important to consider the overall package in terms of maintenance and support.

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