New DAS supports multiple verticals

Advanced RF Technologies has announced that its ADXV distributed antenna system now provides “converged wireless network solutions,” supporting both commercial and public safety bands in a single enclosure. 

McLaren brings F1 comms tech to UK rail

Network Rail in the UK has rolled out new antenna and software solutions, supplied by McLaren Applied. According to the latter, the Fleet Connect software and 5G Edge Active Antenna are derived from the company’s efforts in relation to Formula 1 motor racing.

Chinese giant continues to demonstrate 5G faith

Huawei has launched two new solutions designed to accelerate the development of 5G, helping operators to build-out “high performing and cost effective networks.”

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Comms in a cold climate

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The next steps for 5G

MWC 2020 may have been cancelled, but vendors still unveiled plenty of new products and solutions....