5G business case: full speed ahead

The CW 5G accelerator in Cambridge develops both technological and business applications in relation to the
5G standard.

In the time since its initial announcement over half a decade ago, 5G has been pitched, both to consumers and to business, as representing a total paradigm shift for the communications landscape. With its promise of massively increased bandwidth, infinitesimal latency and the rest, we have been led to believe that the standard and its attendant technology was going to prove a complete game changer.

While that may indeed prove to be the case, there is an enormous amount of work which still needs to be carried out before 5G can truly begin to fulfi what would appear to be its potential. This obviously includes in the realm of the technology itself, as symbolised by 3GPP’s continued efforts in relation to the standardisation process.

At the same time, the business communications market also needs to evolve, weighing up any number of potential new use-cases facilitated by the benefi ts outlined above. Despite what the adverts might say, there is still quite a long way to go before on-mountain remote shaving technology is likely to be rolled out at scale.

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