Dealer focus: how to win multinational contracts

It is not easy going after massive companies when you are a small dealer. Simon Creasey has some tips

One of the most challenging and complex types of customer that two-way radio dealers or resellers have to deal with are large multinational companies. They are demanding, they have exacting standards, which may differ from country to country, and at the same time they are usually incredibly cost-conscious.

So how do multinational companies typically procure wireless comms and what are the main challenges that need to be overcome when dealing with businesses of this ilk?

Although they share many common traits, there are a number of key differences between dealing with large companies that might operate multiple overseas sites compared with a domestic SME business, and these can present significant hurdles for resellers, according to Andy Wilson, managing director at Syndico and who has first-hand experience of supporting dealers who have worked with multinational retailers.

“My experience shows that most large companies try their best to have the fewest suppliers possible, therefore when they purchase their radio products, they are looking for one supply source regardless of where that supply source is located,” says Wilson. “This can be a challenge for an SME radio reseller, who might well not have the experience in doing overseas trade. Syndico operates in multiple territories and in multiple currencies, so we have been able to help some partners to make these things happen for the end-users.”

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