How to buy two-way radios

Two-way radio systems have been around a long time, but there are still plenty of pitfalls for the unwary when purchasing new equipment, as James Atkinson reveals

Two-way mobile radio systems are an expensive and often business-critical investment, so it pays to think carefully before choosing a solution, whether you are an existing user or a first-time buyer. But where to start?

Andrew Wilson, managing director at Hytera distributor Syndico, observes that every customer is different, and every potential system will require its own individual planning and design. “As with any requirement, the customer should start off with their total wish list of how they would like the system to work, and then the dealer can design the system around those requirements.”

Ian Lockyer, marketing manager at Icom UK, says: “I think the first thing an organisation should do is put a project team together of interested parties and ask themselves the following simple questions. Why do I need a two-way radio system? What can it do for my operations and health and safety? And who will be using it?”

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