Dispatching: Keeping it simple

(Advertisement feature) Tassta’s TR.Pro compact dispatcher supports multiple two-way radio vendors and is designed to be used by anyone, without any need for prior training or experience

Today’s two-way radio dispatching software packages are powerful and feature-rich, but this often creates headaches for the customer. A huge array of features often leads to a baffling user experience, requiring significant experience and costly training, while the price of such solutions is often prohibitive for many would-be users.

Tassta has addressed both these issues with its TR.Pro compact dispatcher. It focuses on just the most important dispatching functions, namely:

• Group calls
• Individual calls
• Status messaging (if supported by the radio network)
• Emergency calls
• Changing groups
• GPS localisation
• Voice recording
• Multi-group listening
• Group scan
• Broadcast calls.

“All these features are reachable with just two or three clicks and the graphical user interface (GUI) is optimised to allow TR.Pro operators to use it without any prior training or long-term experience with other dispatching software,” says Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, Tassta’s managing director. “When they sit down for the first time with TR.Pro, it’s easy for them to start immediately.”

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