Keeping the wheels turning

(Advertorial) Whether your requirement is for wide area communications or in-building lone worker protection, TASSTA has you covered

Three of the industries that are most in need of wide area coverage are public transport road haulage and parcel delivery. Kaveh Hosseinzadeh, TASSTA’s managing director says that TASSTA’s solutions provide companies operating in these sectors with full flexibility through allowing them to use any type of radio hardware in combination and its systems help improve the efficiency of their operations, through enabling faster and more flexible communications. Driver safety is also enhanced through TASSTA’s lone worker protection feature coupled with the ability to use voice and broadband data to improve situational awareness and allow employees to easily share information during an incident.

Transport and logistics companies working with TASSTA also benefit from its full GPS tracking, geofencing and GPS history capabilities; the latter aids in allowing operators and managers to “look back and see what really happened” by retracing a vehicle’s route prior to an incident. Hosseinzadeh says that TASSTA’s GPS tracking and geofencing capabilities are being used by ports to create a zone that extends beyond their location, so that when a truck enters it, “they get a notification and they can immediately prepare for whatever needs to be done – they’re not surprised when it turns up and they can better optimise their time management.”

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