How to buy vehicle telematics

While vehicle telematics systems are increasingly commonplace, procuring them can be frustrating. Wise Procurement’s Phil Murphy speaks to Sam Fenwick about how it can be made far less stressful

The benefits of telematics systems working in concert with managers who can take the data they generate and use it to help improve their drivers’ performance are many: a typical fuel saving of 10-15 per cent from less idling, reduced harsh acceleration/braking, less wear and tear and fewer speeding incidents.

Phil Murphy, managing director of Wise Procurement – a specialist in fleet and mobile technology procurement – says his company does a lot of work with construction firms, which benefit from the extra visibility that tracking systems can provide. “Say if they’ve priced a job for 10 days, but the staff are arriving late, they’re popping out to suppliers a few times during the day and they’re leaving at 4pm, so they’re probably on site for only five hours rather than eight. That could be a 12-day job, and the job starts becoming less profitable and has a knock-on effect on all the other jobs that are lined up. Ensuring productivity and that the guys are there when they’re supposed to be makes a massive difference.”

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