Improving driver performance with telematics

What’s so special about the magic black boxes becoming ever-more common in fleet vehicles? Laurence Doe looks into telematics’ advantages for businesses

If your company operates a fleet of vehicles, be they HGVs, vans or company cars, it’s possible to drive improvements in productivity and safety while cutting costs by gathering telematics data and using it to boost drivers’ performance and fuel efficiency.

More than two-thirds (68 per cent) of UK businesses are saving money on vehicle fuel bills because of their use of telematics, according to a survey of 500 companies by the RAC. Its telematics MD Nick Walker breaks down the cost-saving benefits of telematics as up to 15 per cent off fuel bills, a reduction in maintenance costs of 25 per cent, up to 42 per cent less accidents and a decrease in insurance premiums of 20 per cent.

“Telematics could identify that fleets operating at below 70 per cent utilisation probably have more vehicles than they need,” says Walker. “This means businesses can make informed decisions about their operations and whether they need to scale back or expand.”

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